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worldwide. and he went on and said people don't go to college just to do better in life but to do something for the world. how many of you who are going to be doctors are willing to spend your days in began na. how many of you are willing to work in foreign service and spend your days trailing around the world. on your willingness to contr contribute your life to this world. i think it can. but the effort must be far greater than we have ever made in the past. >> so that might have think the end of it, except that there were people in the audyeps a married couple who decided to take it one step further. and they ended up with this petition drive where they got 800 signatures and the drive wasn't just we think this was a great idea. it was if you set something up like this we would join it. two weeks later at the palace in san francisco, he announced it and called it the peace corp. and then when he became president, it was an executive order march 1st, 1961. later sergeant shriver who was the first director of the peace corp, he said if this hadn't happened, if the petition hadn't been pres
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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